National Park Safari Tours of Nepal

National Park  Safari Tours of Nepal

Nepal does not present magnificent mountain trekking, climbing, expedition and raging river rafting only but it also has a fine selection of spotless national parks. Nepal offers you the chance to enter the jungle and view some of the rarest and most endangered wildlife on earth. Safari tour in Nepal can be a very exciting experience. It is a great way to relax after a trek and soak up the jungle environment, bring your kids along and have the family holiday of a lifetime. In the jungle, you collect knowledge of elephant back safaris, bush walking, bird watching, canoeing, recreation activities and cultural programs, depending on which park you choose to go.

Jungle safari in Nepal is a fun filled package ideal for anyone. We make a package for you that included everything from your sleeping arrangements to meals to days full of activity as well as we display up to your awareness. Actuality jungle walks bestows close-up chance to analysis different categories of animals as well observe their track, sign and sounds. The most fascinating and consideration- grabbing program offered by Nepal not found elsewhere in the world is regard as jungle safari. Nepal safari, you will discover the ideal situation of viewing the jungle scenery, birds and animals and the indigenous local people, their colorful tradition, unique dress and languages.

Nepal has nine National Parks, four Wildlife Reserves and three Conservation Areas. About 15,000 square kilometers amounting to almost 18 percent of the total area protected. This is the richest habitat in the land with tall grasslands interspersed with reverie and hardwood Sal Forest. Here, one can see wildlife such as One-horned Rhino, elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Verities of Deer, Sloth Bear, Rhesus Monkey, Wild Boar, Jackals, Civets, Mongooses, Cats, Snakes and other reptiles. The rivers and lakes are home to Crocodiles and the Extraordinary Genetic Dolphins. Bird-watchers delight with more than four hundred fifty migrant and local species birds recorded is Cormorants, Herons, Egrets, Storks, Cranes, Ducks, Woodpeckers, Hawks, Osprey, Falcons, Kestrel, Parakeets, Ibis, Kites, Cooks, Kingfishers, Swallows, Orioles, Drogues, Babblers and many others.

Program Of National Park Safari Tours

Bardia National Park Explore

Bardiya National park (968 sq. km); is the largest and most undisturbed wilderness area in the Terai. Thickly covered with sal trees and carpeted with
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Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

Tour Cost: US$ 99, Programs Types: Safari
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06 March - 2016
Fred Santoro I´m a brazilian guy and went hiking in Nepal back in 2003 and was fortunate enough to meet Suman, the best sherpa you can ever dream of, not only because he´s very experienced and explain all the culture of the nepali people for us, but also because he´s very VERY funny, a fantastic man. 10 years later, we´re still friends a ... Read More
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